Breastmilk Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions

Little Foots Jewelry specializes in turning life’s most precious memories into beautiful keepsake jewelry!

We provide many different services to our clients including, but not limited to:

• Breastmilk Jewelry

• Cremation (human & pet)

• Memorial Keepsakes

• Hair Inclusions (yes, even including eyelashes!)

• Funeral Flower Keepsakes

• We also work with baby formula, umbilical, encapsulated placenta, sand from your favorite vacation spot, graveyard soil, prom flowers, baby’s first haircut, clothing..

The possibilities are endless!

Contact Little Foots Jewelry today & let’s create something beautiful!

Now for the most popular question asked – Can you make other jewelry besides Breastmilk Jewelry?!


You don’t need Breastmilk or to be breastfeeding in order to have a special keepsake made!

We offer jewelry for everyone, including a Men’s Collection & Children’s Necklaces.

I have lots of exclusively pumping moms send in formula in place of breastmilk as well.

We also do Resin Jewelry! You can choose any color background for your keepsake stone with any other inclusions such as flakes, glitter, shimmer, sparkle, flowers, etc. You can view all of our options on the bottom of the Shop Section of my website. We have many options to choose from!

Custom Orders always welcome. 

I am confident that you will love what I create for you. I strive to give every customer the best customer service experience possible. For any reason you are not satisfied, please feel free to reach out to me anytime. I stand by my products & I’m always willing to make it right.

We are a 5 Star Rated Small Business for Breastmilk Jewelry & Cremation Keepsakes!

We are a Christian Family Focused Small Business who took a leap of Faith & is fulfilling what God has laid on my heart to do.

I like to keep my prices much lower than other Breastmilk Jewelry companies simply because I believe every mother (including the fur mamas!) deserves a special keepsake, regardless of budget.

I’m also one of the only companies that does sales throughout the year, giveaways, & include free gifts with every purchase, no matter how much you spend!

Thank you for choosing to Shop Small & support my dream. I’m truly thankful for each & every one of my customers. 

We also make Cremation Jewelry & Pet Memorial Keepsakes. 

At Little Foots Jewelry, we believe every loss deserves to be honored. 

Grief is not easy. It’s one of the hardest emotional journeys we face in life. 

I started making Cremation Jewelry to help others in their most difficult times of their lives & to bring them a sense of comfort. Please know your inclusions will be handled with care & returned to you safely. Thank you for allowing Little Foots Jewelry to be a part of your healing journey.

You are supporting a family & we appreciate the love you have shown us the past 4 years in business.

 Little Foots Jewelry was nominated for Best Jewelry Store in the Secret City in 2023! We were a finalist in our category. We have also been in numerous Magazine Features & Blogs including The Makers City Holiday Gift Guide, Canvas Rebel Magazine, The Maker City of Knoxville, Knoxville Chamber of Commerce, Knoxville Voyager Magazine, Lisa Michelle Blog Holiday Gift Guide, HUSHH Magazine, HUSHH Magazine Holiday Gift Book, The Millionaire Moms Club, Wild Child Magazine, Nashville Voyager, The Tennessee Highlighter, Bold Journey Magazine, & Visit Knoxville Magazine that was published at the local Airports & distributed all across the State of Tennessee.

…And we’re just getting started!

Little Foots Jewelry also supports fellow small businesses & gives back to the community!

For the last two years, we have supported Miss Knoxville TN Volunteer & Derrick Tinker Racing as a Sponsor. We have also donated to Huntsville Hospital Women and Children & to The Dunklin County Health Department during World Breastfeeding Week.

Please reach out to me if you would like Little Foots Jewelry to Sponsor your event or if you’re a Brand interested in a Collaboration.

Shop Small & Support your Local Artists.

We truly believe Word of Mouth goes a long way & we are trying to grow & reach the right audience!

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You can also find us on Instagram, Tiktok & Pinterest @littlefootsjewelry

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We love to have a surprise S•A•L•E to show our appreciation!

We also do Giveaways every now & then because that’s how much we love our customers 💕

You may purchase a gift certificate that will be mailed to you or an e-gift card on my Shop page.

You can find both on the upper right hand corner scroll down menu.

The Gift Certificate is a physical product printed on a beautiful card stock that will be mailed out to the recipient the next business day! They have no expiration date and can be used on any merchandise including custom orders.

The E-Gift Card is sent electronically to the recipients email address within minutes of purchase. Please make sure the email you entered is correct.

Gift Certificates & E-Gift Cards make for a great last minute gift idea!

Think Mothers Day & Christmas Stocking Stuffers!

Breastmilk Jewelry is a beautiful & tangible way to honor your breastfeeding journey.

Breastmilk keepsakes aren’t just about breastmilk.

It’s jewelry that tells your story!

It’s about mama, the baby, & the special bond they share. It serves as a reminder of all those late night feedings & sacrifice she makes for her child.

We take those precious memories & transform them into keepsakes you can cherish forever.

Breastmilk keepsakes are handmade from your very own breast milk.

The breastmilk is sterilized & professionally preserved. It is then set to dry out & made into a powder to be encased with resin. The final step is the making of your keepsake stone. The stone is hardened, polished, & then placed into your jewelry setting of choice.

Everything in shop is handcrafted, made with attention to detail, & a whole lot of love.

Breastmilk Jewelry is a unique & custom heirloom you can pass down to generations to come!

Cherish the bond & Honor your journey with a beautiful keepsake from Little Foots Jewelry.

Please be advised returns are not accepted due to every piece being custom made with your very own inclusions. If there are any problems, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me so we can address any issues.
Due to the nature of keepsake jewelry, refunds & returns will not be given.


 After you place your order, you will receive an email receipt & at the bottom will have detailed shipping instructions.

You are responsible for shipping your inclusions to me. It should cost no more than $4 to ship per my instructions you are sent after the order is placed.

Please do not request for a signature, as I am not always home to sign for packages & this only causes delays in completing your keepsake jewelry.

Please make sure correct postage is added. If there is any postage due, it will be returned to sender & I will NOT receive your package.

I cover the cost of shipping your jewelry to you! You will get FREE shipping at checkout. You are only responsible for shipping your breastmilk or cremation remains to me.

Only 5 ml of Breastmilk is needed for Breastmilk Jewelry. That amount can make up to 4-6 jewelry pieces & I always keep the reminder of the preserved milk on file for each customer for future purchases, stone remakes, etc. But you are always welcome to request it mailed back to you at anytime!

I can use breastmilk that has been frozen, fresh, & up to 20 years old! 

Please double bag inclusions to avoid any leakage! 

Only 1-2 teaspoons of Cremation Ashes are needed. You will be mailed back any remainder, or I can keep on file in my shop, whichever you prefer! I can place your remains on any color background with any other added inclusions or just clear resin. I can mix throughout or hand place on top so the cremation remains show more prominent.

Please note, Ashes can darker your stone; therefore I can add as little or as much as needed for your personal preference. Please reach out to me to discuss design prior to purchase so I can get an idea of the look you had in mind & leave any design details in the notes section at checkout.

**No two pieces will look exactly alike!

Hair Jewelry – only need 2-3 strands.

Encapsulated Placenta – 1 Capsule or small amount of the powder

Umbilical – Small Segment

Graveyard Soil / Dirt – 1-2 teaspoons

Flowers – 1-2 petals

I always make it a top priority to keep my customers satisfied and informed by keeping them updated through the jewelry making process. I will let you know when I receive your milk, when it’s shipped, and the estimated arrival.

When I receive your package, you will be notified either that day or the next morning.

Please check your spam folder if you are not seeing my emails in your primary.

When your jewelry is complete, you will also receive an email with a tracking number & estimated arrival date. Please be advised, USPS doesn’t ship on Holidays & the arrival can be delayed due to the busy holiday season.

My current turn around time is 4-6 weeks from the time I receive your inclusions.

** I also don’t charge any extra for design like many other Keepsake Artists do. That’s another thing that sets Little Foots Jewelry apart from the rest. **

Please leave all design details in the notes section at checkout. Please be as specific as possible on placement & the design you are looking for. You’re welcome to send me a message with inspiration pictures. I will try my best to make your vision come to life! Any design details not left in the notes section at checkout is not guaranteed it will be done. I try my best to stay on top of every email & message, but I’m only human & things can get overlooked. Please leave all design details in the notes section at checkout. 

Please note not every two stones are the same. That’s what makes breastmilk jewelry truly special & unique! 

If you are wanting to cancel an order, a 20% restocking & processing fee will occur. Please be advised.. you will not be refunded the full amount.

 If you prefer everyday wear, I would suggest a necklace or earrings option.

If you are wanting to wear your Breastmilk Ring daily, I would opt for Solid Gold. 

Breast milk jewelry is a delicate treasure, and should be treated with care.

Long exposure to heat & moist environments can cause damage to your keepsake stone. Hairsprays, lotions, and makeup chemicals can all cause potential harm to your delicate stone and should be applied before putting on any breast milk jewelry. Keep away from direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry area away from the sun & heat when not in use. 

Plated jewelry tends to tarnish faster than Sterling Silver or Solid Gold. But with proper care and following the after care instructions, your jewelry will be looking it’s best for years to come!

An after care instructions card is sent with every purchase. The main concerns would be to avoid water exposure, remove prior to exercise, swimming, showering, etc. store in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight when not in use.

The more your Breastmilk Jewelry & Cremation Keepsakes are exposed to environmental factors, the faster the wear will show (more so with plated jewelry that is) 

Breastmilk Jewelry is intended to be used as a keepsake to wear on special occasions.

If you choose to wear it daily, after care is crucial! I do offer a warranty (free of charge) that no other Keepsake Artist does. You can ship your ring back to me at anytime & I will polish your setting & remove any tarnish that occurs. The breastmilk stone itself is professionally preserved & encased in resin. When exposed to high heat temps & extended sun exposure, the top coat can potentially yellow over time. The breastmilk inside will NOT mold! If your topcoat starts to yellow, that’s not an issue! You can ship it back to me & I will remove the topcoat & give it a refresh as a complimentary gift.

I want to give my customers the best experience possible. I know it’s a big decision entrusting a stranger with your precious inclusions. That’s why I also offer this option.

If you would like, you can request for me to make a video of the preservation process & making of your keepsake stone. You would just leave a note at checkout if you would like this option.

I always want to put clients mind at ease & allow you to see only your breastmilk & inclusions are made for your Breastmilk Jewelry & Cremation Keepsakes.

Many artists do not even offer that. That’s how you know you chose the right one. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out anytime. I’m happy to help!

Your breastmilk jewelry should last a lifetime. If for any reason it needs a refresh, I will gladly do it free of charge.

Thank you so much for shopping with Little Foots Jewelry!

“Turning life’s most precious memories into beautiful keepsake jewelry” 

Your breast milk will be encased in a resin blend that contains a UV Stabilizer that prevents your stone from discoloring.

All resin tends to amber (not yellow!) over time. This is a natural occurrence. Breastmilk Jewelry may turn to an off white creamy color. With avoiding UV light & using proper care, your jewelry piece can be looking its best for years to come.

Our preservation process includes all organic, non toxic chemicals that help to prevent your breast milk from turning yellow or ever becoming moldy.

All aftercare instructions should be followed in order to keep your breast milk jewelry looking its best for years to come!

After care is crucial in maintaining your keepsake jewelry & should be followed.

The warranty will be voided & no refund will be given for not following after care.

Please make sure to care for your keepsake jewelry as if you would any other precious metal. Avoid bumping & dropping your jewelry against hard objects. Do not leave in a hot car on sunny day for example. I tested this theory once before with my own Breastmilk Necklace. I would hang it from my mirror to see if Breastmilk Jewelry could withstand a hot summer in the South. The breastmilk stone didn’t melt but the resin topcoat did fade some causing slight yellow tone to the top of the breastmilk stone. I then had my breastmilk ring stored in a dark room away from direct sunlight when I wasn’t wearing it. Still looks amazing to this day & that was when I first opened my business back in May 2020!!

I have tested my jewelry & I know what after care instructions that need to be followed in order to have your keepsake jewelry looking it’s best. 

Wear with Care. 

But most importantly we love our babies!

Please keep out of reach of children.

Small jewelry can potentially be a choking hazard.

All of my jewelry settings are made from Sterling Silver and Solid Gold.

The resin material used for your keepsake stone is water resistant, not waterproof. We use Top Grade Jewelers Resin that has a special UV Stabilizer that prevents yellowing. 

** Please Note, there is no such thing as “waterproof breastmilk jewelry” **

You will need to care for your Breastmilk Jewelry just as you would any other Fine Jewelry. 

Therefore, please remove prior to handwashing, showering, swimming, etc. 

Water & moist environments can cause damage to your keepsake stone. Overtime, not following the after care instructions can potentially cause your breastmilk stone to yellow.

After care is crucial in maintaining the life of your jewelry!

All customers are sent an after care instruction card with every purchase.

No refunds or replacements will be issued if your setting or inclusion piece yellows or fails due to improper care of your jewelry.

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breastmilk jewelry necklace

Every piece is handmade with love